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30% of People suffer from this – What is it?

Keeping yourself rooted in good mental and physical health is key at whatever age. It can be true that while you get older it can be harder to maintain exerting yourself physically. One of the most surprising is the age at which one of the most common leg issues can impact you. Varicose veins. From young men who spend all day at their desks working, or even those that spend too much sculpting their leg muscles. As with many issues in life it is about balance.

How do Varicose Veins Form?

Your body has a network of veins that spreads through all of your limbs, carrying blood between your extremities and your heart. The veins in your pelvis, legs, and feet have a harder job ahead of them, as they have to push the blood against gravity. To do this, the veins have small valves inside them. These valves help to stop the blood only flowing downwards, and push the blood back towards the heart instead. When these valves are put under too much pressure or are overworked, they can stop working effectively and can fail. If this happens, blood begins to pool in the vein because it isn’t being pumped back up properly.

Blood pooling in the veins can lead to many complications, and rapidly becomes painful. The vein begins to swell and twist, as the blood causes the walls of the vein to distort. Often you can see this kind of bulging vein through the skin of the leg. Sometimes blood can also leak into the tissue around the vein, and this may appear to be bruised skin or an ulcer. In some cases this will also cause the skin to dry out and flake, and can become venous eczema. The biggest risk is that a blood clot (deep vein thrombosis) will develop, which can cause a stroke or death. Varicose veins may look like a cosmetic issue, but they should be taken seriously.

There are a number of different treatment options for varicose veins, but most of them fall broadly into heat-based or chemical-based treatments. Generally these are outpatient surgeries, that take place using local anaesthetic. Having varicose vein surgery doesn’t need to be a big deal, and in many cases you will recover quickly within only a few weeks. This outpatient surgery is quick and easy, but there are a few steps that you should take to make sure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible

Tips for Recovery

Your varicose vein treatment and recovery can be simple and uncomplicated, but make sure you follow some precautions.

The main thing that you should do in the first few days after surgery is rest. Your leg and the incision site will feel stiff and sore for a week or two after the surgery, so you should make sure to take it easy during this period. Keep your legs elevated for the first few days, and don’t do anything strenuous. There will also be bruising at first, which will fade after a couple of weeks as well. You can use arnica for bruising and pain relief,

The exact length of time that you will need to rest for will depend on how many veins you had treated, and exactly where the veins were located.

It’s extremely important that you don’t take any long-haul flights for at least four weeks after your varicose vein surgery. Long-haul flights can contribute to blood clots in the legs due to the pressure changes in the cabin and the long periods of sitting down without moving your legs. If you have just had surgery, these kind of flights can slow down your recovery. If you need to take short flights, this is okay after one week has passed since your surgery.

Another option for helping to speed up your recovery is to wear compression stockings. Generally, you should wear compression stockings for the first two to four weeks after your surgery, as these will help to reduce the pain and bruising from the surgery.

Your surgeon and medical team will also give you painkillers to manage the pain after surgery. Make sure that you take these as prescribed and for as long as your surgeon suggests that you do.

Recovering from varicose vein surgery shouldn’t be too complicated or painful, but you do need to take some steps and precautions for reducing any possible pain that you might experience. Make sure that you take care not to overexert yourself and don’t take any risks when it comes to flying. New treatments keep being developed, and with any luck recovery will also become more simple as treatments improve.

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Lifestyle of High Rollers – The VIP Treatment


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You may not have ever heard of Akio Kashiwagi but he was an extremely wealthy real estate tycoon from Tokyo who once claimed to have an annual income of $100 million on top of over $1 billion in assets. Well, casino operators were quite familiar with him. Casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City knew him well because of his outrageous gambling habit. It was not unusual for Kashiwagi to walk into a place like the Trump Taj Mahal and play baccarat for $200,000 per hand. In theMartin Scorsese film Casinothe character of Japanese high roller K.K. Ichikawa was based on Kashiwagi and those who saw the movie will have a good idea of the VIP treatment he received. Would a whale like Akio Kashiwagi have frequented the casinos that he did if those casinos didn’t offer him all the perks and privileges like private jets, the most luxurious suites, and all of those free bath towels? Probably not.

Casino operators have always pulled out all the stops when it comes attracting high rollers and it is the same at online casinos. Most high rollers might not be on the same level as the aforementioned Akio Kashiwagi but they still have a lot more money to play with than the average Joe. Even though high rollers can place single bets of £10,000, £100,000 or even more on a hand of online baccarat without thinking twice doesn’t mean that most of them aren’t looking for all the added value they can get. They are. This is why so many online casinos offer such valuable rewards to people who regularly play for higher stakes. The online casinos are constantly trying to outdo each other in this very competitive industry. High rollers want bigger bonuses, frequent promotions, and the best loyalty rewards programs available.

There are plenty of reputable online casinos for high rollers. These high roller online casinos offer bigger and better bonuses and promotions along with higher limits on deposits, withdrawals, and stakes. They offer rewards programs that feature perks like cashback, faster payouts, and prizes such as comped first-class trips to exotic locations or popular events like Wimbledon and the World Cup. 888Casino’s VIP Casino Club is one of the top loyalty rewards programs for high rollers. Players reach the top tier when they become VIP Platinum members. The estimated £5 million in wagers that is needed to earn the required 750,000 comp points might be out of reach to a lot of customers but high rollers can easily achieve this and, once they do, they are eligible for a whole bunch of extras. Hefty weekly, monthly, and yearly cash rewards, jewelry, high-tech gadgets, free trips, and plenty of exclusive events are just the beginning. VIP Platinum members also get their own account manager, exclusive support staff, and a higher comp point conversion rate among other things. That 100% up to £1,500 first deposit match bonus is just a drop in the bucket when you are a high roller at 888casino.

Those who live the fabulous high roller lifestyle at Mr Green Casino can look forward to being invited into the prestigious Club Royale where they are treated like royalty. Club Royale members no longer pay any transaction fees and their withdrawals are instant. Members can increase their deposit limits and wagering requirements on exclusive bonuses and promotions are drastically lowered. Club Royale members can enjoy members-only events and they can win comped VIP trips to locations and events all over the world. Concierge services that are tailored to the high roller’s desires and a personal accounts manager is at their beck and call around the clock. Add in the regular bonuses like Mr Green’s welcome bonus and their REEL Bonus Spin Fossils through which customers can collect over 1,000 free spins and you have an online casino experience that is far beyond most others.

It isn’t just online casinos that give preferential treatment and amazing extras to high rollers. There are several online bookmakers that also have fantastic VIP programs that cater to the more affluent sports bettor. Ladbrokes is one the most recognizable and trusted brands in online betting and one of the things that keeps their customers happy is their VIP Program. Unlike many other sites that offer casino games and sports betting, Ladbrokes’ VIP Program allows members to earn points when they play at the casino and when they bet at the sportsbook. In fact, points are earned at a faster rate by wagering on sports. Every £10 worth of single bets earns 2.5 points while every £10 wagered on accumulators earns 3 points. It won’t take a high roller all that long before they get invited into the exclusive Platinum VIP club where they will be treated to exclusive promotions, hospitality prize draws, VIP events, their own account management team, and enhanced point redemption.

If you enjoy playing at online casinos or betting with internet bookies and you want to be treated like a high roller should be treated then you certainly have a lot of options. Online betting sites are doing all they can to get you to place your bets with them and you might be surprised at the lengths they will go to. Higher limits, priority customer service, instant withdrawals, and plenty of cash and prizes are just some of the things that are waiting for high rollers at the best online casinos.

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