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30% of People suffer from this – What is it?

Keeping yourself rooted in good mental and physical health is key at whatever age. It can be true that while you get older it can be harder to maintain exerting yourself physically. One of the most surprising is the age at which one of the most common leg issues can impact you. Varicose veins. From young men who spend all day at their desks working, or even those that spend too much sculpting their leg muscles. As with many issues in life it is about balance.

How do Varicose Veins Form?

Your body has a network of veins that spreads through all of your limbs, carrying blood between your extremities and your heart. The veins in your pelvis, legs, and feet have a harder job ahead of them, as they have to push the blood against gravity. To do this, the veins have small valves inside them. These valves help to stop the blood only flowing downwards, and push the blood back towards the heart instead. When these valves are put under too much pressure or are overworked, they can stop working effectively and can fail. If this happens, blood begins to pool in the vein because it isn’t being pumped back up properly.

Blood pooling in the veins can lead to many complications, and rapidly becomes painful. The vein begins to swell and twist, as the blood causes the walls of the vein to distort. Often you can see this kind of bulging vein through the skin of the leg. Sometimes blood can also leak into the tissue around the vein, and this may appear to be bruised skin or an ulcer. In some cases this will also cause the skin to dry out and flake, and can become venous eczema. The biggest risk is that a blood clot (deep vein thrombosis) will develop, which can cause a stroke or death. Varicose veins may look like a cosmetic issue, but they should be taken seriously.

There are a number of different treatment options for varicose veins, but most of them fall broadly into heat-based or chemical-based treatments. Generally these are outpatient surgeries, that take place using local anaesthetic. Having varicose vein surgery doesn’t need to be a big deal, and in many cases you will recover quickly within only a few weeks. This outpatient surgery is quick and easy, but there are a few steps that you should take to make sure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible

Tips for Recovery

Your varicose vein treatment and recovery can be simple and uncomplicated, but make sure you follow some precautions.

The main thing that you should do in the first few days after surgery is rest. Your leg and the incision site will feel stiff and sore for a week or two after the surgery, so you should make sure to take it easy during this period. Keep your legs elevated for the first few days, and don’t do anything strenuous. There will also be bruising at first, which will fade after a couple of weeks as well. You can use arnica for bruising and pain relief,

The exact length of time that you will need to rest for will depend on how many veins you had treated, and exactly where the veins were located.

It’s extremely important that you don’t take any long-haul flights for at least four weeks after your varicose vein surgery. Long-haul flights can contribute to blood clots in the legs due to the pressure changes in the cabin and the long periods of sitting down without moving your legs. If you have just had surgery, these kind of flights can slow down your recovery. If you need to take short flights, this is okay after one week has passed since your surgery.

Another option for helping to speed up your recovery is to wear compression stockings. Generally, you should wear compression stockings for the first two to four weeks after your surgery, as these will help to reduce the pain and bruising from the surgery.

Your surgeon and medical team will also give you painkillers to manage the pain after surgery. Make sure that you take these as prescribed and for as long as your surgeon suggests that you do.

Recovering from varicose vein surgery shouldn’t be too complicated or painful, but you do need to take some steps and precautions for reducing any possible pain that you might experience. Make sure that you take care not to overexert yourself and don’t take any risks when it comes to flying. New treatments keep being developed, and with any luck recovery will also become more simple as treatments improve.

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Lifestyle of High Rollers – The VIP Treatment


Traje, Hombre, Dapper, Trabajo, Masculina, Negocio

You may not have ever heard of Akio Kashiwagi but he was an extremely wealthy real estate tycoon from Tokyo who once claimed to have an annual income of $100 million on top of over $1 billion in assets. Well, casino operators were quite familiar with him. Casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City knew him well because of his outrageous gambling habit. It was not unusual for Kashiwagi to walk into a place like the Trump Taj Mahal and play baccarat for $200,000 per hand. In theMartin Scorsese film Casinothe character of Japanese high roller K.K. Ichikawa was based on Kashiwagi and those who saw the movie will have a good idea of the VIP treatment he received. Would a whale like Akio Kashiwagi have frequented the casinos that he did if those casinos didn’t offer him all the perks and privileges like private jets, the most luxurious suites, and all of those free bath towels? Probably not.

Casino operators have always pulled out all the stops when it comes attracting high rollers and it is the same at online casinos. Most high rollers might not be on the same level as the aforementioned Akio Kashiwagi but they still have a lot more money to play with than the average Joe. Even though high rollers can place single bets of £10,000, £100,000 or even more on a hand of online baccarat without thinking twice doesn’t mean that most of them aren’t looking for all the added value they can get. They are. This is why so many online casinos offer such valuable rewards to people who regularly play for higher stakes. The online casinos are constantly trying to outdo each other in this very competitive industry. High rollers want bigger bonuses, frequent promotions, and the best loyalty rewards programs available.

There are plenty of reputable online casinos for high rollers. These high roller online casinos offer bigger and better bonuses and promotions along with higher limits on deposits, withdrawals, and stakes. They offer rewards programs that feature perks like cashback, faster payouts, and prizes such as comped first-class trips to exotic locations or popular events like Wimbledon and the World Cup. 888Casino’s VIP Casino Club is one of the top loyalty rewards programs for high rollers. Players reach the top tier when they become VIP Platinum members. The estimated £5 million in wagers that is needed to earn the required 750,000 comp points might be out of reach to a lot of customers but high rollers can easily achieve this and, once they do, they are eligible for a whole bunch of extras. Hefty weekly, monthly, and yearly cash rewards, jewelry, high-tech gadgets, free trips, and plenty of exclusive events are just the beginning. VIP Platinum members also get their own account manager, exclusive support staff, and a higher comp point conversion rate among other things. That 100% up to £1,500 first deposit match bonus is just a drop in the bucket when you are a high roller at 888casino.

Those who live the fabulous high roller lifestyle at Mr Green Casino can look forward to being invited into the prestigious Club Royale where they are treated like royalty. Club Royale members no longer pay any transaction fees and their withdrawals are instant. Members can increase their deposit limits and wagering requirements on exclusive bonuses and promotions are drastically lowered. Club Royale members can enjoy members-only events and they can win comped VIP trips to locations and events all over the world. Concierge services that are tailored to the high roller’s desires and a personal accounts manager is at their beck and call around the clock. Add in the regular bonuses like Mr Green’s welcome bonus and their REEL Bonus Spin Fossils through which customers can collect over 1,000 free spins and you have an online casino experience that is far beyond most others.

It isn’t just online casinos that give preferential treatment and amazing extras to high rollers. There are several online bookmakers that also have fantastic VIP programs that cater to the more affluent sports bettor. Ladbrokes is one the most recognizable and trusted brands in online betting and one of the things that keeps their customers happy is their VIP Program. Unlike many other sites that offer casino games and sports betting, Ladbrokes’ VIP Program allows members to earn points when they play at the casino and when they bet at the sportsbook. In fact, points are earned at a faster rate by wagering on sports. Every £10 worth of single bets earns 2.5 points while every £10 wagered on accumulators earns 3 points. It won’t take a high roller all that long before they get invited into the exclusive Platinum VIP club where they will be treated to exclusive promotions, hospitality prize draws, VIP events, their own account management team, and enhanced point redemption.

If you enjoy playing at online casinos or betting with internet bookies and you want to be treated like a high roller should be treated then you certainly have a lot of options. Online betting sites are doing all they can to get you to place your bets with them and you might be surprised at the lengths they will go to. Higher limits, priority customer service, instant withdrawals, and plenty of cash and prizes are just some of the things that are waiting for high rollers at the best online casinos.

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The Science and Art of Salt Glazing

Salt glazing is an old technique in pottery that is becoming a new craze for collectors. It originated in the Rhineland region of Germany between the 13th and 14th centuries but has evolved and developed greatly, making it unique and unpredictable pottery. Collectors love the beautiful results of salt glazing. As stoneware pottery, it is more difficult to find, making it more appealing to hobbyists.

What is salt glazing?

Salt glazing uses a unique method of applying the glaze. Instead of applying a coat of glazing minerals before firing, potters completely cover pots in sodium vapours and fire. The salt is added to the kiln at 200 degrees and releases sodium that acts as a flux of silica. The vapours then melt the surface; that is why it is also called vapour glazing. The discovery of this process came from the use of salt soaked wood from barrels that contained brined food.

The salt creates vapours that react with clay at a very high temperature, or with the silica, and produces sodium silicate. The latter is liquid glass, so it naturally glazes the pot with the clay’s properties. Classic pots made using this method have a distinct orange peel look, but potters would later realise that adding salt when firing can create various effects.

As an alternative to salt glazing, soda glazing was developed as it is less toxic. The technique is the same, and both salt and soda create sodium vapour. Soda produces sodium carbonate, which has no chloride.

How is it done?

Wares should first be bisque fired before salt glazing. Salt is thrown carefully into the kiln’s firebox with a steel angle at a temperature of about 1300 degree Celsius. It should vaporize before hitting the floor. Some potters add sodium carbonate to water and spray it. To achieve the orange peel look, add a pound of salt for every cubic foot of kiln. When the vapours start to form, they will start dropping on the pot. Those drops identify salt glazing. Most potters use separate kilns for salt glazing because residue can build up inside, which may have an effect on other firings.


Salt glazing achieves texture, surface and colour quality that no other process can. Each is unique, which is challenging yet remarkable in a market of uniformity and mass production. Firings can affect any slip or underglaze on pots and result in interesting, varied outcomes. No doubt, this technique adds brilliant texture from building up the layers to the marking of salt vapours. No wonder famous potters such as Bernard Leach embraced it. His works are displayed in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

Salt glazing is a difficult, yet addictive process, as potters would put it. Today, it is practised by a dedicated few. It involves science, as you have to put salt at the right temperature. As an art, it takes a great deal of skill to throw salt. Beginners may take two years to learn it. In the UK, there is only one company licensed to produce salt glazed pottery.


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4 Reasons Why Community Living Could Be What You’re Looking For

Many people are embracing community living and for good reason. These communities offer tons of amenities and make people feel as if they are living in a resort. If you are getting tired of the same old routine every day, learning more about community living may pique your interest in this modern neighborhood.

What Is Community Living?

Many people have likely heard of community living and do not quite understand all it entails. Community living involves a special neighborhood that is gated and set apart. Many feel like this type of neighborhood has a resort vibe. It is almost like living on vacation. You can learn more at

4 Reasons Community Living Could Be What You Are Looking For

There are many reasons people choose community living. The benefits of gated community homeownership are immense. If you have been considering choosing a new place to live, explore the following reasons why community living may be just what you are searching for.

1. The security of a gated community is one of the biggest benefits for most residents. With a gated community, residents will have a greater level of peace of mind in knowing only a select few people will have access to their neighborhood. With the gates in place, crime is practically eliminated, and residents feel much safer.

2. Higher property values is also a plus for community living. The homes in a gated community are typically going to be much more valuable than homes of the same type in other neighborhoods. A higher property value adds to your net worth.

3. Having access to a swimming pool and other amenities is also a big selling point for community living. Some communities have swimming pools, tot play areas, clubs, and more. It is amazing how these added amenities can bring relaxation and joy to your life.

4. Less traffic is also a big benefit of community living. The traffic is limited to residents and their guests, so there is no major traffic noise. These communities are considered much quieter and more peaceful. Many people are looking for a slower-paced life, and community living offers this and more.

Community Living Is Growing in Popularity

The advantages of community living are numerous. Taking refuge within the confines of a gated community makes people feel safer and more at ease. With today’s communities rising up in great numbers, there are more options than ever before.

People who live in a gated community will find every day seems to feel like a vacation. If you want to get away from it all, community living could be the answer you are looking for. These exclusive communities offer free tours for those who are interested in learning more.


Community living is not for everyone, but many people are embracing this unique lifestyle and all the benefits it offers. Living in a gated community brings a higher level of protection and safety for you and your family.

These communities are set apart and offer amazingly beautiful homes. The neighborhood becomes like family as residents gather by the pool or enjoy the open clubhouse. If you have never toured one of these special communities, it is time to schedule an appointment.

Community living offers a more laid-back way of life that is perfect for raising families or enjoying retirement. Community living may just be the lifestyle that brings back joy to your life.


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How to Save Money on Breakfast

Breakfast has become an important meal that helps us power through the rest of the day. A healthy breakfast also contributes to a healthy lifestyle for the entire family.

But as you eat this meal more often, have you ever stopped to find out how much you’re spending?

Because people don’t have as much time to prepare breakfast, they end up spending more on expensive a la carte items in the process. Buying a cup of coffee every morning could be costing you over $1000 a year. The good news is that you can save on costly breakfast items by preparing early. Here are some useful tips to consider.

1. Start with a detailed shopping list

The easiest way of saving money on breakfast is by making as much of it (at home) as possible. Start by preparing a detailed grocery list of what you’d wish to eat in the morning. Go for convenient items that are easy to make- such as bread, frozen items, oatmeal, eggs, and cereal.

A grocery list is the best way to keep track of how much you’ll be spending every month on breakfast. You’ll also have an easier time monitoring your health choices and other ingredient information.

2. Hot cereal works for the entire family

Convenience is the guiding principle of enjoying your breakfast meals. Hot cereal is quick and easy to prepare, and it doesn’t cost much when compared to eating out. Kids also love cereal, especially when combined with syrup, fruits, and ice cream. You can rotate different cereal flavors and include a selection of wheat, oats, and fruits.

3. Prepare your eggs at home

Buying one egg at a time is much more expensive than buying by the dozen. Imagine spending $1 on a single egg, and you could spend a dollar and some change for an entire pack. The trick to saving on eggs is by preparing them yourself.

Boil them in groups and dip the unused ones in an ice bath for another day. This will save you time and money as you grab each egg to prepare your breakfast. There are also other ways of making eggs quickly. Scrambled eggs only take minutes to prepare, and you can mix them with brown rice for a protein-filled morning treat.

4. Bagels and muffins will fill you up

Your breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a bagel or muffin on the side. But we all know that these can be expensive, even in grocery stores. Consider purchasing your bread in bulk from day-old bakeries. Such bread stores can help you save up to 50% or more on the cost of breakfast bread. Furthermore, bagels and muffins are quite filling and will keep you going until lunchtime.

5. Put that blender to good use

Smoothies can cost as much as $5-$10 apiece. If you need a fresh smoothie to get your morning started, consider making your own. Is that blender collecting dust? Clean it and obtain some frozen fruits, yogurt, or juice (from the grocery store) to get started. All you need to do is toss a combination of the above inside your blender, crush with ice, and you’re ready to go.

6. Have some juice

It may sound convenient to purchase a cup of fresh juice on your way to work, but doing this is also expensive. Juice is a healthy and nutritious option to get your morning started. However, it can also drive up your breakfast budget pretty quickly.

Consider purchasing a bottle of fresh juice each week and titrating some into a container as you walk out the door. A combination of apple, orange, mango, and avocado juices should do the trick.

7. Avoid buying coffee at restaurants

Next comes the mother of them all: coffee. Buying a cup of coffee every day can burn a hole in your wallet. The solution? Consider brewing your coffee at home. Not only will you have the freedom to select from different flavors, but you can also save on the time it would take to wait in line for your tall Starbucks cup.

You can easily save hundreds of dollars every year by brewing your coffee, even after investing in a new coffee maker.

In a nutshell, saving money on breakfast is about paying attention to detail. What may seem affordable quickly adds up over time and could set you back hundreds of dollars by the end of the year. But if you plan ahead, prepare as much at home, and eat healthily, you can put a significant amount back into your pocket.

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6 Trending Gorgeous Wedding Cakes for 2019-2020

The notion that we carry of a wedding is either of the wedding attire of the bride and bridegroom or it is the decoration of the wedding. However, the reality is quite different. Many guests attend any marriage only for the food, desserts, and of course, the cake! If you are thinking of getting an idea of your wedding cake from a social media site, then let me tell you, it ain’t a painless job. Did you know that Instagram alone accounts for more than 6000 wedding cake images? Now, would you consider selecting your wedding cake amongst 6000 cakes? So, the one-stop solution to this problem is availing online portal services providing cakes suitable for every occasion. All are required to do is order a wedding cake online, and there you are, done with one of the biggest responsibilities.

You just have to take care of one thing, i.e., just keep the trends and fashion you want for your wedding cake handy. This will help you in getting a clear picture of the type of wedding cake you would finalize. Let’s take you to some trending wedding cakes doing rounds in 2019-2020.

White On White:

A white cake never gets out of fashion. It adds elegance and classiness to any wedding. Moreover, the new features that were added in 2019-2020 are the white decorations that add charm to the cake. Be it edible beats, lace, or piped embroidery, these elements give the cake an extraordinary appearance.

Metallic Cake:

Metallic touch is lit. Be it makeup, decoration or even your wedding cake. The highlights of this metallic forte of the cake are that it gives more of vintage glam, stylized, and art deco feels. Touches of sparkles, edible glitter, luster stencil, gold or silver foil are the decorative elements that make metallic look classy ever than before. Thus, it is quite understood, why these cakes in demand are in the present-day-scenario.

Painted Cakes:

What could be better than oh-so visually incredible wedding cakes? The Monet inspired wedding cakes, the marbelized cakes, and even the stained painted glass cakes are the trending desirable wedding cakes that have been crashing many elite weddings in 2019 already. The best part about these cakes is that these cakes are easy to achieve. How? See, you just need to paint the white marble cake with edible icing colors. Also, you can order cake online to surprise your soon to be the wife and make her fell in love with you even more.

I am personally very much in love with this cake. Not just because unbelievably beautiful, but also, they also stand tall on the matter of the taste. The floral pattern is anyway winning the game in every field. Be it the decoration or be it the wedding cake, everybody is going after the floral pattern. Keeping the base simple will consequently give the cake a more classy appearance. For say, pistachio green, white, or peach colors are the most trending colors these days.

Lace Inspired Cakes:

This classic cake has made its appearance in the market with a bang. 2019n is the year for lace-inspired wedding cakes. This delicate French laced cake gives a romantic and fairy-tale outlook on your wedding cake. An amazing fact about this cake is that you can match the lace of this cake with your wedding gown and own your wedding like a boss.

Ombre cake design for wedding cakes is an artful thought. Turn your wedding cake into savage from sophisticated conventional cakes. An ivory ombre is the perfect choice to give your wedding cake a more classic look. This way, your wedding cake will be both, subtle and mind-shattering.

Weddings cakes play a vital role in any wedding. Hence, getting a beautiful cake for your wedding can become a mind-wrenching task. So, Winni brings you a huge collection of wedding cakes that are trending in 2019-2020. Order midnight cake online and get relaxed for your D-day.


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Car Seats for Kids with Special Needs

When it comes to protecting your precious passengers nothing is more needed then the right car seat to fit your growing child. It is even more of a consideration when your child has special needs that need to be met for safe transport and care. Every state has its own rules and regulations for child safety that need to be addressed. It is also paramount that your baby and growing toddler also meet federal regulations for the age of the car seat and how it is placed in your car.

We reviewed the best six car seats for special needs children below:

Our Top Pick: Spirit APS Car Seat – Standard.

This car seat offers the traditional safety options and comes with added support and particular needs of the special needs children. It is designed to grow with the child from a weight range of 25 lbs to 130 lbs which max out around 5’6” in height.


  • Swing away hip and truck support pads make it easy for parent or caregivers to move the child and adjust when necessary.
  • Made of water-resistant materials and is designed to make stains/damage easy to remove especially with bladder/bowel discharge.
  • A Buckle Guard is added to prevent the child or young adult from removing the harness.
  • A bolt-in hardware kit comes with the car seat to secure it to the vehicle and to make adjustments as needed.
  • 3” extender thrust wedge comes out of the seat so the child can be reclined when necessary.


  • The seat is difficult to adjust once they are installed.
  • The Buckle guard can stick when trying to unlatch the child.

Our Second Pick: Carrot 3 Child Restraint.

The Carrot 3 child restraint system is highly rated for children with autism spectrum disorder for children with severe behavioral issues. The way the car seat is designed, it holds even the most extreme mover and keeps them safe and secure in their seat.


  • High-density foam inserts to position the child correctly.
  • Is designed for children 30 to 108 lbs (37” to 60”)
  • It comes with a “Free Angle” Recline feature that allows 180° for easy diaper changes and conforms to the car seat for child comfort during those times.
  • It comes with LATCH, a secure anchoring system, which is equipped with Low anchors and tethers for the seat to be strapped to the built-in car seats.


  • Difficult to move between vehicles.

Our Third Pick: Columbia 2000 Therapedic Integrated Positioning Car Seat.

This is a lightweight seat that is designed to be narrower and accommodate a child with mild positioning needs. It has a retainer clip guard to prevent chest piece disengagement during collisions or violent movements. This car seat has been crash-tested for safety by the Federal Moving Vehicle Safety Standards board and comes highly rated by a parent for children who do not have severe body control problems.


  • Crash tested to FMVSS #213 standards which sets standards for child safety.
  • Certified for use in an aircraft for the traveling parent.
  • Multi-positioning options are available.
  • It comes with a 5 point harness to keep the child safe.
  • It has a soft-padded headwinds.
  • It comes with Dual hook tether straps to prevent the car seat from moving.
  • It has memory foam padding to reduce sores and fatigue on the child.


  • It does not adapt well with a growing child even with 2” and 5” extenders.
  • It does not work for children over 100 lbs.

Our 4th Pick: Pilot Special Needs Booster Seat.

The Pilot is a pediatric special needs high-backed booster seat designed to grow with the child. It has a built-in positioning vest to support their torso and leg guards for positioning as well as lateral trunk pads to make it a snug fit.


  • It fits a child up to 120 lbs.
  • It has two positions for the child to ride in.
  • It comes with adjustable height pads.


  • It is hard for a child to move around normally.

Our 5th Pick: Spirit Plus Adjustable Positioning System Car Seat.

The Spirit Plus adjustable car seat is a special needs system that has a swing-away trunk and hip supports that are usually only found on complex wheelchairs. This system not only secures the child to the seat but also allows for easy adjustments and easy removal of the child from the seat.


  • Is a unit for children 25 to 130 lbs (66 inches in height).
  • It can recline to 30° from the standard upright position.
  • Comes with a machine-washable padded cover for easy care.
  • It has a 5 point harness to keep your child secure.
  • Latex and silicone-free.


  • It does not recline fully for easy diaper changes.

Our Final Pick: Tumble Forms 2 Carrie Seat System w/Tray & Footrests (available in sizes preschool through small adult).

The Tumble Forms 2 Carrier Seat System is a multi-functional car seat. It is designed to support your child while providing a footrest, a neck stabilizer, and a tray for eating. It is more than a car seat as it can be used in your own home as well.


  • It comes with a fold-out table for eating and activities.
  • The entire seat can tilt back 45° for easy childcare.
  • The tray has a quick-release mechanism for easy removal and cleaning.
  • The neck supports are adjustable.


  • While this seat can be used in a car and in a house, it functions better as a house feature.
  • It does not provide enough support.
  • This unit does not grow well with the child.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that every car seat be chosen for the size of the child that is to be riding in it and that it is installed correctly. There are four types of car seats your child will progress through:

Basics of Car Seat Safety:

  • Rear-facing: Birth until around 12 months of age
      • Infant-only seats can only be used as rear-facing seats.
      • Convertible seats usually have higher height and weight limits in rear-facing mode.
  • Forward-facing
      • 1-3 years

It’s best to keep your child in this type of car seat for as long as you can.

Once your child exceeds the weight and height restrictions then it is time to get the next size up in car seats.

      • 4-7 years

This larger car seat is designed to be buckled into the seat like a normal car seat. Keep them in this seat until they exceed the height and weight restrictions for it.

  • Booster seat
      • 8-12 years

Until your child exceeds the height and weight restrictions for the booster. The seatbelt should be able to fit snugly across their chest and not restrict the airway of the child. It should keep them as safe as possible.

  • Seat belt seats
      • 12+ years
        • Once your child has reached this age they should be big enough and fit the adult-sized car seats securely, though follow the height and weight regulations on the booster and your child’s own growth because that will determine their readiness for the adult seats.

In Conclusion:

The rear-facing car seats are the safest for all children until they meet weight and height restrictions, especially for children with special needs. For children with certain physical disabilities and poor motor control, the need for additional straps and braces is greater, which means a more custom car seat.

Car seats for special needs children are not as prevalent and tend to be more expensive. Choosing the right car seat is difficult for most new parents, but when you have to have it customized to fit the special needs of your child as they grow, it becomes even more complex and difficult.

A lot of the cheaper car seats are adjustable, but they do not provide the extra straps and support for a child who has difficulty controlling their movements. Car seats should be selected based on how the child’s disability will progress over time. For additional information see for regulations on car seats for special needs children. Be sure to look at the rules and regulations for your own state as well because each state has its own regulations to follow.


Keren Simanova is a busy mommy by day and a passionate writer by night. While spending countless hours researching car seats for her children, she created an educational car seat blog, to educate other mothers about the importance of car seats. Further, along the way, the blog became an invaluable source for research of a variety of car seat brands, unique features, and mommies’ reviews.

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